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Discover the people behind the Hypnoledge learning method

The Co-Founders

Hypnoledge was created by a trio: Gershon Pinon, a psychologist specialising in social and cognitive psychology and two psychotherapists specialising in hypnosis, Laure Duprat-Morlaes and Julien Micheau.

With a total of ten years of experience in therapy, mental preparation for high-level athletes, and support for health professionals, the three co-founders decided to create a tool for using hypnosis to learn: Hypnoledge.

They guide learners through the use of hypnosis to create the best conditions for learning and skill development.

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Co-Founder – Psychologist


Co-Founder – Hypnotherapist


Co-Founder – Hypnotherapist

The educational and linguistic content is developed by qualified native teachers.

The content is arranged in four learning levels that correspond with CEFRL standards.

“Hypnosis affects an individual’s state of mind and alters their ability to learn. Hypnosis increases concentration and allows people to manage their stress better while motivating them to learn.”

Mathieu Landry

Neuroscientist, Cognitive Science and Psycholinguistic Laboratory

“Hypnosis has helped me to manage my stress at high speeds and to avoid accidents as a result. It also helps me to reach a state of hyper-concentration regularly and recover energy quickly during vehicle repairs. I have escaped life-threatening situations during races by optimising my concentration in the long term.”

Philippe Croizon

Author, adventurer, actor, “Everything is Possible” motivational speaker

“Hypnosis helps me every day. A sports person’s performance is linked to optimising their mental capacity, concentration, and ability to cope with each success or failure with an effective mental strategy.”

Baptiste Serin

Scrum half, French International Rugby Team