How can Hypnoledge help your business?

Innovation is not just new ideas.

It means thinking outside the box.

New ways of learning can only be created by looking at things differently.

E-learning has become a standard feature of employee learning. Let your people drive their own skill development.

Hypnosis and neuroscience as tools for learning.

Light years from beliefs created by hypnosis showbiz, hypnosis stimulates emotional and cognitive capacities at an unconscious level to make learning more effective.

Hypnoledge for Language Learning

How many of your employees know how to speak a foreign language but lack the confidence to express themselves freely?

Hypnosis helps learners to work on their psycho-emotional well-being. As their self-confidence grows, they gain assurance and have less fear of being judged.

With Hypnoledge, your employees learn to express themselves more naturally and fluently in their new language. Give your employees the confidence to express themselves freely.

Soft Skills by Hypnoledge

Nurture people to drive a group dynamic.

Our hypnosis modules help learners
 change their thought patterns and show them how they can
 acquire emotional
 and cognitive skills that optimise their ability to achieve their goals.

Personalised Back Office

Manage your account and monitor learners’ skills development.

Create and manage accounts. 

  • Register new users, reconnect terminated access, and ensure all learners are active

  • Buy licences with specific commitment conditions for employee language learning

  • Easy online payment and automatic billing

Measuring Progress

View details of learners’ results to encourage and support their progress. 


Export  detailed reports for HR management purposes including connection date, time and duration, topics covered, and scores.


Each business has its own strategy for financing training. We adapt to your criteria.

You can either pay directly or have your training funded by an official body.
Business can claim funding from an official body via our partner, Langues et Compétences which uses our digital solution in a programme adapted to students’ needs with additional remote coaching by native teachers. Continuity is vital for sustaining the motivation to speak a new language and measuring confidence and fluency.