For Education

Children are the future of our constantly changing world. Our role is to help them realise their potential.

School years are formative. Children must learn to make decisions, deal with anxiety, develop self-confidence, and face influential experiences. This all contributes to their growth and development.

At school, we learn skills for our future. How can we optimise this period by learning to control emotions, by developing self-confidence, by encouraging expression, and by overcoming personal barriers?

Coaching by Hypnoledge®

That’s exactly where Hypnoledge can help. Students learn a new language with confidence and spontaneity and realise their potential at the same time.

Language Learning with Hypnoledge

Language learning plays a fundamental role in developing citizenship and an open outlook.

It enhances employability, both locally and globally.

Not only is our innovative method easy to use. It also complements and optimises standard language learning methods. Hypnoledge can be used both in the classroom and for learning in other situations.

Personalised Back Office

Manage your account and monitor learners’ skill development.

Create and manage accounts

  • Register new users, reconnect terminated access, and ensure all learners are active.

  • Buy licences with specific commitment conditions for employee language learning.

  • Easy online payment and automatic billing.

Measuring Progress

View details of learners’ results to encourage and support their progress.


Export detailed reports for HR management purposes including connection date, time and duration, topics covered, and scores.


It is our responsibility to actively contribute to the development of the future adult population.

Hypnoledge® is implementing the method in primary and secondary schools for a token fee.

The cost for schools is €1 per student per month.

For higher education institutions, a quote can be tailored to specific needs.