Soft Skills

What are soft skills?

Soft Skills

Succeeding in a complex, changing,
and demanding world is a challenge for us all.

Technical skills and expertise are vital but they are not enough to ensure an employee’s or a company’s immediate and long-term success.

Recruiters and companies now recognise that behavioural and interpersonal skills – known as soft skills – are important tools for meeting modern-day challenges.

Soft Skills

Why develop soft skills in the business world ?

Environmental, organisational, and technological changes have been taking place in the business world for almost thirty years. They each require adapting how we work, organise, think, and communicate.

This requires agility, innovative thinking, and emotional intelligence to overcome resistance to change.

That’s where improving soft skills comes in.

It’s a win-win situation when employees develop their inter- and intra-personal skills because the company benefits too.

Soft Skills

The Hypnoledge Approach

Behaviour is the consequence of a set of operations. It is the consequence of emotions that either create limits or provide resources generated by thought patterns and beliefs. Those beliefs are conditioned by a person’s self-identity which reflects the image they have of themselves, a construction that is the result of past events.

Coaching aims to guide an individual on the path to fundamental change by shifting their perceptions.

Hypnoledge uses hypnosis as a tool to help users improve their skills and acquire new ones.

Soft Skills

Hypnosis Modules

Our hypnosis modules help learners change their thought patterns and show them how to acquire new behavioural, emotional, and cognitive skills, increasing their ability to achieve their goals.

Soft Skills by Hypnoledge

There are five main categories of soft skills:





Interpersonal skills


Intrapersonal skills


Reflection and creativity

Soft Skills

The modules were designed by the three founders who are trained psychologists and psychotherapists with 15 years of experience in therapy and mental preparation for top athletes.

We underline that these hypnosis modules are not podcasts or lectures on acquiring soft skills. The objective is not to provide conscious information to explain or reassure learners, but to work at an unconscious level on beliefs and underlying conditions that limit a person’s skills.