Training Centres

The advantages of Hypnoledge for training centres.

Expand your service, provide an original offer, dare to be different, innovate. Join us and be part of the cutting-edge language service of the future.

Use Hypnoledge as an e-learning solution for your training programmes to focus on the learner and help them reveal their full potential.

Hypnoledge for Language Learning

Working with hypnosis helps the learner work on psycho-emotional aspects. They overcome personal barriers, gain self-confidence, and naturally demonstrate their desire to speak and express themselves in a new language.

The learner’s new-found confidence helps them to speak more spontaneously and fluently.

Exchanges with the trainer are easier which ensures progress.

Hypnosis helps learners to work on their psycho-emotional stability. Their self-confidence improves. They no longer hesitate to express themselves. They overcome their fear of being judged.

Soft Skills by Hypnoledge

Nurture people to maintain a group dynamic.

Our hypnosis modules help learners to change their thought patterns and acquire new emotional and cognitive skills which increase their ability to achieve their goals.

Personalised Back Office

Manage your account and monitor learners’ skill development.

Create and manage accounts. 

  • Register new users, reconnect terminated access, and ensure all learners are active.

  • Buy licences with specific commitment conditions for employee language learning.

  • Easy online payment and automatic billing.

Tracking Progress

View details of learners’ results to encourage and support their progress. 


Export  Export detailed reports for HR management purposes including connection date, time and duration, topics covered, and scores.